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find your muskoka dream

Taylor will guide you through finding and purchasing

your piece of Muskoka. 

Experience lake life while exploring possibilities with

a boating expert.

List and sell

your property

Taylor will represent your interest to gain the most from your Muskoka investment.


Choose an agent who is partnered with 35 years of real estate experience.

DESIGN and build

in muskoka

Taylor will help you initiate your building project by connecting you with contractors, dock builders, architects, draftsmen, engineers, landscapers, planners and surveyors in Muskoka.

manage your cottage

Taylor will offer advice on how to manage your Muskoka cottage

by referring you to qualified plumbers, electricians, crib dock repairers, painters, property managers and marinas.

Design and Build in Muskoka

Manage Your Cottage

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If you are looking for a contractor, there are

several in Muskoka that

Taylor could recommend,

depending on your development needs.

Dock Chairs.jpg

 Dock Builders 

Looking to expand

your existing dock

or start from scratch. 

Taylor can recommend qualified professionals. 

Plumbers 2.jpg


It's helpful to know

a Muskoka plumber

to contact for your

cottage plumbing and winterizing needs.



For when the power fails, Muskoka electricians

can set you up with

a back-up generator.



With so many possible designs from traditional

to contemporary,

a Muskoka architect can help with your design.

Green Muskoka Chairs.jpg


Drafting services 

communicate the engineering intent of a technical design. 

Please contact Taylor

for recommendations.

Crib Docks.jpg

 Dock Repairers 

Older crib docks

may require repairs, especially after ice out.



You might require an arborist to manage your forest. There are a few precision tree-fellers

that Taylor

can recommend.

Engineers 2.jpg


Muskoka engineers

can put their stamp of approval on your mechanical and electrical designs.



Fitting your cottage into

the natural landscape

while appealing to

your style can be

achieved with various

Muskoka landscapers.

Painters 2.jpg


Painters keep your cottage looking brand new!

Inquire for exterior

and interior

painting projects. 

Property Management 2.jpg



 Property Managers assist with the opening

and closing of seasonal cottages as well as

with maintenance

throughout the year.



Planners can assist you with applications for property variances

and bi-law exemptions when necessary.


Taylor Blair for Recommended Planners



Surveyors are hired for lot severances, building site locations and setback requirements. Taylor is happy to share recommendations.

Marina 2.jpg


Marinas offer a variety

of boat services from

sales to repairs to storage.

Taylor would be happy

to help you choose which

one is best for your needs.

The Winner.jpeg


With so much to enjoy

in Muskoka

throughout the year,

please check out

Taylor's Lake Life


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